Va Piano Vineyards 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon

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Varietal Composition:Cabernet Sauvignon80%,Merlot10%,Cabernet Franc5%,Petit Verdot3%,Malbec2% 


Oak Composition:New French 50%

Barrel Aging:28months

Case Produced:300cases

The State of Washington in 2013 was the hot summer left in a record. Spring has begun to bud at the middle of April by the damp climate coolly. When it began to be warmly, the temperature was rising one after another, and Japan beyond 38 times of (centigrade) had the time summer many times. It was possible to bring out the sour taste which is the feature made in Washington because the heat was also quiet at the beginning of September, and a cool day continued. It’s starting with the strong fragrance of the berry, the raisins, the spice and the herb and is changing into the fragrance of the plum I ripened and the black cherry. This wine showed typically that it was produced a mild year and was the black cherry produced from rich tannin, licorice, black pepper and the pleasant wine which feels the flavor of the mineral and the cigarette at the end tightly.


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