Savage Grace 2017 Sauvignon Blanc

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Varietal Composition:100% Saunignon Blanc
Appellation:Yakima Valley
Fermentation:Stainless steel 85% Neutral French Oak 15% 5Months
Case Production:250 cases

Although it is a famous Red Willow Vineyard in red vineyards, Mr. Mike Soeya runs a grape vineyard in other areas, cultivating several varieties of white grape varieties including Sauvignon Blanc, . Normally we have succeeded in raising clones of this breed that can not be grown in Washington State by planting them on the same premises as some varieties such as Sauvignon musk from Loire Valley. It is a characteristic of wine manufactured by Red Willow, you can feel the soup and kana sourness, flavor including citrus and minerals, and it is compatible with your meal.


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